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"Dude! You Can Smell the Nacho Cheese!":Ranking My Top 5 Product Placement Ads in Stranger Things 3

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

There are many people in this world who HATE product placement. I'm not one of them. Maybe it's because I was born in the 1980's - a time known for it's mass consumerism - but every time I see a movie or a TV show with awesome characters enjoying a product, I have to try it so I can put myself in the character's refreshed shoes. Call me a mark, but when Johnny Lawrence was pounding original Coors Banquet beers every other scene in "Cobra Kai", I just had to give it a whirl. And believe me, Coors Banquet led to one of the most incredible game nights for me playing Cards Against Humanity. I made my wife very proud that night!

When product placement is done well, that's one thing. But when they can nail a retro time period it's twice as awesome! When I'm watching a show that's set in the 80's or 90's and the set designers create picture perfect logos I find myself completely mesmerized as if I was opening a time capsule to that period. There are very few shows or movies who can capture a time period like Stranger Things does, and I'm here to show you my top five favorite product drops from Season 3 that I binged for eight hours today (like I'm sure a lot of you did too...Happy Birthday America!)

Before we get started, I wanted to give props to the dude that I thought had the sharpest shirt this entire season. I know everyone loves Hop's Miami Vice shirt, as well as Eleven's fashion montage, but I thought that Will's striped shirt with the 80's San Francisco 49ers colors looked rather spiffy.

With that said, I am positive you're all going to get Dustin's Camp Know Where shirt.

Now, onto the list!

5. 7-Eleven

Who doesn't like a Strawberry flavored Slurpee? I've personally always favored it to Cherry, but maybe I'm in the minority on this one. This might have been the best product placement for a convenience store since Keanu Reeves uttered the line "strange things are afoot at the Circle K". Not only do we get a full scene in 7-Eleven, but a minor action scene is triggered over an argument regarding a Slurpee flavor.

I stand corrected. I have to say that "The Goldbergs" have done a fine job of showing how game changing Wawa is to most of the country outside of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the DC area and parts of Florida that don't get to experience some of the best coffee on the planet. Wait a sec! You can right here!

4. Coca-Cola

Coke had their fingerprints all over this season. Not only was there a callback to Eleven crushing Coke cans with her mind, but the kids had a two minute long conversation why regular Coke was so much better than New Coke. Only one character really enjoyed the New Coke. I know that this is the most minor of spoilers, but I don't like spoilers period so I'm not going to dish them out, You're just going to have to watch the season. I was expecting there to be a news report mentioning the death of New Coke, but they didn't get into that.

As I said before, Coke and New Coke were all over this season, but interestingly, you can see retro Pespi cans in the 7-Eleven's fridge behind the characters but nobody drank any of it. Speaking of the 7-Eleven scene, you can see Hop buying beef jerky with a yellow and red label. Could it be? Yes it is!

3. Slim Jim

"Tear into the spice! That beefy juicy taste!" It may have been only a click glimpse but that brief bite by Hopper brought him into the territory of the one and only "Macho Man' Randy Savage...."Oh yeah! Dig it!". David Harbour is one mighty good pitchman himself as the Super Bowl Tide commercials showed. But that one bite is going to make you ask who pitched Slim Jim's better? My vote still goes to the Macho Man, as you can see his long history of commercials for the company.

For all of you who loved Randy Savage, check out this official Slim Jim action figure that you have to be put on a wait list to get. It's amazing!

Here's how you can snap into it yourself!

2. Burger King

Not only was there a Burger King at the Starcourt Mall, but hop fed one of his friends a tasty Whopper during his travels. It was definitely not as in your face as Iron Man was, but I gotta say that I wanted to chow down on some flame broiled goodness after watching this. And check out that retro label! Made me feel like I was two-years-old again. Apparently, you can get an Upside Down Whopper at select locations in the US, but I think it's just an...upside down Whopper? Not as cool as the Black Whopper that came out in 2015. Well, at least the Upside Down Whopper won't give you any colorful "after effects" like the Black Whopper did, if you can catch my drift.

Give someone you love the gift of the Hopper...I mean Whopper! #futuredadjokes

Speaking of being two years old. Nothing made me feel that way more than:

1. Doritos

That couch scene was hilarious, and I'll admit a little sophomoric and gross. However, just looking at the retro logo on that bag brought me back to the time when I was a chubby little baby. I was over my Aunt and Uncle's house for a family get together and my cousin was supposed to be watching me when she was hanging out with her cool friends. When they were distracted, I just stuck my hand in the Doritos bag and ate most of the bag. My mom was pretty angry at me that day. I don't recall Doritos giving me that much gas though.

So there you have it folks! My top five product placement moments for Stranger Things. I hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you here back soon!

Song of the Day: "The NeverEnding Story" by Limahl

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