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Settle the Score: Friday vs. Saturday Nights

When is the better night to rage?

A special shoutout to all of the lovebirds out there celebrating Valentine’s Day. To the rest of you Happy Friday.

Which dawns on me the question.

Would you rather go out and go crazy on Friday night or Saturday night?

The case for Friday night:

Katy Perry wrote a catchy song for it.

You might get your second wind at 7pm after working all day.

You have all day to recover on Saturday and you can get your shit done on Sunday.

The case for Saturday night:

Elton John wrote a catchy song for it.

You are all fresh to go after a day off from work.

You can get all of your shit done on Saturday and recover on Sunday.

So I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Let me know in the comments! #StayLit

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